Accenture’s Blue Tulip Awards Selects Trust Stamp for Participation in the Class of 2020, Focusing on World-Changing Innovation



Trust Stamp, a provider of proprietary artificial intelligence-powered identity services headquartered in Atlanta, has been accepted into the Blue Tulip Awards Class of 2020. The Netherlands-based program fosters transformative innovation to incite meaningful change.

Beginning in 2007 as the Accenture Innovation Awards, the collaboration-driven program evolved over 12 years to become the Blue Tulip Awards. Symbolizing the continuous quest to find breakthrough innovation, the name alludes to the rich Dutch tradition surrounding rare tulip cultivation and the ultimate elusiveness of the blue tulip.

Trust Stamp’s Evergreen Hash™ (EgHash™) innovation is the core focus of their participation in the program because of its implications in enabling secure societal and financial inclusion through trusted identity for all people. This breakthrough innovation aligns with core sentiments of the Blue Tulip program. As explained on their website, “By improving how the world works and lives, innovation has the power to create a world full of opportunities for future generations and their environment.”

The program begins in January of 2020  and concludes on April 17 of the same year, with quarterfinal and semifinal debate-style sessions segmenting the innovation journey with key milestones. The four-month period is structured with educational workshops, networking, and planned collaboration, in an ecosystem rich with potential partners, mentors, and investors. Eight issue-based themes divide the selected innovations by overarching global challenges from climate to security, that latter of which includes Trust Stamp.

“We are so pleased to be able to take part in the Blue Tulip Awards program,” says Gareth Genner, CEO and co-founder of Trust Stamp. Continuing, Gareth says “Trust Stamp’s goals for the coming years parallel the mission put forward by Blue Tulip, and we are confident that their shared dedication to improving global quality of life creates an environment where the future impact of our EgHash can be realized.”

About Trust Stamp: 

Trust Stamp applies advanced cryptographic techniques and Artificial Intelligence-powered presentation-attack detection tools to biometric and other identity data to create a proprietary non-PII Evergreen Hash™​  (EgHash™). The EgHash is unique to the subject and provides a tokenized identity that cannot be reverse-engineered. The EgHash constitutes “anonymized data” and is immune to data breaches. An EgHash can be compared to Trust Stamp’s proprietary Identity Lake, video-streams, photo-ID, and mined data to establish a subject’s identity and can be augmented with pivot points to other relevant data to enable zero-knowledge-proofs. Trust Stamp technology is used in multiple industries, including banking, FinTech, KYC / AML compliance, real estate, travel/hospitality, and law enforcement.

About Blue Tulip:

The Blue Tulip Awards is a year-round ecosystem-driven program aiming to accelerate innovators, build powerful collaborations, and drive breakthrough innovation. We believe that innovation is the key to a brighter future. It has the power to improve the way we work and live, creating a world full of opportunities for the generations to come. We provide startups and innovators with a clear call to arms: connecting eight inspiring, issue-based themes with new ideas that have immense potential to transform our future. By driving collaboration between the brightest minds and accelerating the most promising innovations to reach their full potential, we can start improving the way the world works and lives right now.