Gareth Genner

MD, Identity and Financial Inclusion

A UK lawyer, Gareth studied at the University of Wales and the University of Law, London. Gareth received a post-qualification Diploma in European Community Law & Administration and an LLM in International Taxation and Financial Services Regulation. Gareth’s diverse post-graduate studies have included business, finance, leading-edge technology, and blockchain as well as certification as a General Mediator.

Gareth has served on the editorial panel for publications that include money laundering, asset forfeiture, compliance and recovery, foreign tax and trade briefs and the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act.

In 2015, Gareth co-founded Trust Stamp, his third cloud platform, and Trust Stamp became a part of the Emergent Technology group in 2018. Gareth’s remit as Managing Director includes identity technology and the application of EmTech’s technologies in pursuit of global financial inclusion.