Former United States Marshals Service Director, Stacia Hylton, Joins Trust Stamp Advisory Board



Trust Stamp, a leader in probabilistic artificial intelligence-powered identity services, is humbled to welcome Stacia A. Hylton, former Director of the United States Marshals Service (USMS), to its Advisory Board. Hylton is the first addition in the planned expansion of the Trust Stamp Advisory Board ahead of company-wide growth initiatives.

With a career built on public service, Hylton has worked with government entities at all levels of jurisdiction, world-renowned nonprofit organizations, and private institutions. Her experience is uniquely diverse in breadth while maintaining focused depth in each endeavor.

Most notably, Hylton was appointed as Director of the USMS by President Barack Obama and confirmed by the United States Senate in 2010, maintaining that position until retiring in 2015. The USMS, with more than 5,400 employees, is responsible for judicial security, fugitive operations, asset forfeitures, prisoner operations and transport, and witness security. Hylton’s term as Director of the USMS is characterized best by her successes in increased partnership among all levels of law enforcement, fiscal responsibility, and the use of technology to improve mission outcomes. This position followed a three-decade tenure of leadership positions in law enforcement, including her role as the Attorney General’s Federal Detention Trustee under President Bush.

“Trust Stamp is honored to announce the addition of Stacia Hylton to our Advisory Board,” said Gareth Genner, CEO of Trust Stamp. “She brings unparalleled experience in government and security affairs, with an extensive record of building and leading organizations that impact countless lives and ultimately provide the backbone for nationwide security. Her historic advocacy for leveraging technology in public service parallels Trust Stamp’s goal to create globally inclusive identity services for social and economic good.”

Gareth added, “Stacia’s experience as Director of the USMS encompasses operational and strategic planning involving billions of dollars across multiple fiscal years. We are confident that she brings the expertise needed to support and advise the company during this critical stage of growth.”

The United States government has recognized Hylton with a number of honors, most notably the 2007 Presidential Rank Award. According to the United States Office of Personnel Management, “A Presidential Rank Award is the most prestigious award in the Federal career civil service,” and is awarded annually by the serving President.

Trust Stamp’s Director of Financial Crime Services and former Senior Inspector with the USMS, John Bridge, expresses the privilege of having Hylton’s support, saying “Director Hylton has a proven track record as a thought leader. Her knowledge and experience encompass a broad range of public and private sector leadership with a reputation for excellence.”

As a Director for a number of entities, Hylton maintains industry influence in retirement. This includes two publicly traded companies, Spok, Inc., a communications solutions provider, and Core Civic, a company that owns and manages private prisons and detention centers, as well as LexisNexis, a provider of risk-management services. Hylton’s continually multifaceted career gives her the unmatched background needed to help Trust Stamp meet the dynamic needs of global organizations and populations.

Trust Stamp applies advanced cryptographic techniques and Artificial Intelligence-powered presentation-attack detection tools to any identity data to create a proprietary non-PII Evergreen Hash™​ (EgHash™). The EgHash provides a unique tokenized identity that cannot be reverse-engineered, constitutes “anonymized data”, and is immune to breaches. An EgHash can be compared to Trust Stamp’s Identity Lake, video-streams, photo-ID, and more to establish identity and can pivot to other data, enabling zero-knowledge-proofs. Trust Stamp technology is used in banking, FinTech, KYC/AML, real estate, travel/hospitality, and law enforcement.